Eleven men and women stand and sit around a table in an industrial space. The musicians all wear black. There are lemons and lemon peels all over the table.There are lemon
Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Canada, will tour the U.S. through the 2020-2021 Performing Arts Global Exchange Program.


Performing Arts Global Exchange (PAGE) is a new Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation grant program for performing arts presenters nationwide in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts. Launching with tours in 2020-2021, PAGE brings exemplary international music, dance, and theater to audiences across the United States. Fee support grants are available to nonprofit presenting venues and units of state, local, or tribal government based anywhere in the U.S. or its territories who book artists from a curated roster. Artists on the roster have not widely toured in the United States and reside in a selected region, with the inaugural year’s roster featuring artists from U.S. neighbors: Canada and Mexico. Presenters interested in learning more about the booking and funding process should refer to the booking guidelines.

Why Performing Arts Global Exchange?

Presenting international artists requires resources that aren’t always available. Travel expenses, visas, and routing can make presenting international artists difficult, especially in remote areas of the country. PAGE provides grant support to encourage the presentation of international artists across the country, with an emphasis on supporting performances in communities with reduced access to international performing arts due to geography or other features.

PAGE presents: Mexico and Canada

The inaugural year of Performing Arts Global Exchange will feature a roster of artists whose work similarly transcends these borders. Featuring music, dance and theatre ensembles from Mexico and Canada, roster artists offer presenters the opportunity to affordably feature international artists in their programming and community outreach activities.

Performing Arts Global Exchange is a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts.

Performing Arts Global Exchange 2020-2021 Roster


La Serpiente | Mexico
US Debut

A dancer, dressed all in black, bends backward almost on limbo stance with one arm on the stage while holding a long white ribbon of fabric.

La Serpiente is an independent contemporary dance company working out of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. Since their first production in 2001, they have created their own style of feeling and communicating with the world, creating a company that is a convergence of movement and the aesthetic vision of the group’s members. La Serpiente is committed to artistic development internally and externally, and supports an international dance festival (Red Serpiente), artistic residences, a Center of Dance Documentation and Research (Cenddami), and Scholar Dance Program, as well as workshops and master classes.

Treatise About the Line is a contemporary dance performance that explores the complexity of bodies moving through space and time. For fifty minutes, four dancers provoke an architectural look at the body, space, and condensed time, all set to original music. Together, the lighting design and choreography build a dance discourse without requiring grand scenic elements. The company also has additional repertoire available for venues with fewer technical capabilities.

Watch: Treatise About the Line Full Video or Demo | About La Serpiente
Traveling: 5 dancers, 1 technician, 1 staff
Technical specifications: Two minimum requirements: a line of white elastic cutting through the stage space horizontally, as well as a vertical bar of LED light (7 meters).
Tech Rider | Website | Facebook | Twitter
To book, contact: Abdiel Villaseñor Talavera | abdielvt@gmail.com

In addition to presenting this artist, PAGE grants require at least one artist-involved community engagement activity; possibilities for this engagement can be found here.


Lemon Bucket Orkestra | Canada

Eleven men and women stand and sit around a table in an industrial space. The musicians all wear black. There are lemons and lemon peels all over the table.There are lemon

Lemon Bucket Orkestra (LBO) is a Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-punk party. Equal parts high precision and reckless intensity, this magnetic ensemble grew from a quartet of guerilla-folk troubadours busking on the streets of Toronto to a battalion of troops armed with brass, bows, accordions, and drums. The band has been nominated for several awards, including two Junos, and they have been heralded as a ground-breaking, genre-bending phenomenon by international and local press alike. Live, the band is a veritable juggernaut. Their 2015 album, Moorka, includes several reworked folk songs the band learned from local virtuosos while touring in Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, and Macedonia. Each chestnut is spiked with the unique blend of funk, punk, psychedelia, blues, and swing that give LBO its signature sound. As at home in a speakeasy as a concert hall, the Lemon Bucket Orkestra has stormed the international scene with its irresistible brass-band mayhem.

Watch:LBO Promo Video | LBO Live
Traveling: 12 on stage, 1 technician
Technical specifications: No backline required | Stage Plot | Website | Facebook | Twitter
To book, contact: David Gaar | david@FreshenUpArts.com

In addition to presenting this artist, PAGE grants require at least one artist-involved community engagement activity; possibilities for this engagement can be found here.

Vox Sambou | Canada

Vox Sambou stands against a bright blue shipping container. He wears a black jacket, white shirt, sunglasses, and fedora.
Credit: Luz Vermelha.

Vox Sambou is an MC, poet, and multilingual performer who writes and performs in Creole, French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He is a founding member of Montreal-based hip-hop collective, Nomadic Massive. Vox has performed across North America, France, Chile, Brazil, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso, Colombia, Morocco, and Spain. A Haitian-Canadian, his music focuses on the traditional rhythms of Haiti mixed with elements of Afrobeat, jazz, reggae, and hip-hop. Vox’s artistry is influenced by a strong commitment to calling out injustices and social imbalances. His message is one of great positivity that not only reflects the realities of life in Montreal as a Caribbean immigrant, but also the relationship between artists in the Americas.

Watch: “Lavi” |“Rezistans” | “My Rhythm” | Additional Clips
Traveling: Flexible depending on budget, 6-9 artists and 1 crew
Technical specifications: Tech Rider | Website | Facebook | Twitter
To book, contact: Juan Souki | juan.souki@odelia.live

In addition to presenting this artist, PAGE grants require at least one artist-involved community engagement activity; possibilities for this engagement can be found here.

William Prince | Canada

William Page is dressed all in black.  He stands in a field of yellow and brown foliage.  The sky is full of white clouds behind him.

From ruminations on life and love’s treasures to tales of everyday heroes, the music of William Prince unfurls like a classic campfire story, midnight road-trip conversation, or dog-eared novel passed down through generations. This Juno Award-winning singer and songwriter evokes a journeyman spirit while delivering emotional heft with his dusky baritone. Born and raised on the Peguis First Nation of Manitoba, Canada, William has been honing his craft since the age of nine. He counts Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson among chief influences, but ultimately cites his preacher/musician father as the biggest inspiration. “My whole life I listened to my dad’s deep voice singing gospel,” he says. “In a sense, I make folk-country tunes inside of a gospel framework.” Each line carries stained-glass soul and the gusto to reach steeple-sized heights. As anticipation for his 2020 album builds, Prince has been busy touring, including engagements as opener for Neil Young in a run of shows, performing a slot at Stagecoach in the heart of California, and festival dates across North America.

This tour is no longer booking grant-supported engagements.

In addition to presenting this artist, PAGE grants require at least one artist-involved community engagement activity.

Silvana Estrada | Mexico
US Debut

Silvana Estrada sits on stage in a wooden chair with a small wooden table beside her.  She wears a plaid dress and has a Cuatro across her lap as she sings into a boom microphone.

Xalapa’s Silvana Estrada has created a jazz-tinged species of indie folk that has quickly flown onto international radar. The explosive success of her first releases, paired with frequent collaborations with the likes of Natalia LaFourcade, Mon Laferte, David Aguilar, and beyond, have the young artist staged for greatness. “Every now and then, you’ll see a claim by some music writer, blogger, or critic, that the subject they are profiling is or will be ‘the voice of a generation.’ Well, even though I often try and not engage in hyperbole…I wish to proclaim Silvana Estrada as ‘one of Mexico’s greatest young talents and vocalists.’” – José Galvan for KCRW. Born in the state of Veracruz to two luthiers, Silvana grew up surrounded by music and literature. She began her studies at 16 at the local university’s jazz department and left school at 19 to record and perform in NYC with renowned guitarist Charlie Hunter. When she came back to Mexico, she plunged into the indie music scene in Mexico City. Accompanying herself on the Venezuelan cuatro, Silvana combines jazz, folk music from her Veracruz homelands, and smatterings of guapango, cumbia, and other Latin genres.

Watch: “Te Guardo” | “Sabré Olvidar”
Traveling: 2 artists, 1 technician, 1 staff
Technical specifications: Tech Rider | Website | Facebook | Twitter
To book, contact: Edwin Erazo | edwinerazo@me.com

In addition to presenting this artist, PAGE grants require at least one artist-involved community engagement activity; possibilities for this engagement can be found here.


Seña y Verbo: Teatro de Sordos | Mexico
Music for Your Eyes

Three Actors stand onstage facing the audience.  The one in the middle holds a drawing of a sheep.  In the foreground, a conductor raises his baton.

For more than 25 years, Seña y Verbo: Teatro de Sordos (Sign and Verb: Theatre of the Deaf) of Mexico City has produced and internationally toured theater featuring deaf and hearing actors for audiences of all ages. Using a mix of Mexican sign language, pantomime, imagery, and puppetry, their work is grounded in cultural inclusion. The ensemble puts Deaf culture center stage in high-quality theater productions bolstered by seminars and cultural outreach workshops. Music for Your Eyes is born from the dialogue between two worlds: the world of silent images of the deaf and the seemingly intangible world of music—joined in a common language of theater. Suggestive of a small chamber orchestra, three deaf actors and a hearing director interpret four small stories inspired by music from some of the best-known composers of all time: Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn. Through the director, the actors strike up a conversation with the music—a seemingly impossible dialogue—that translates the essence of the musical language into the language of images and puppetry. Aimed at children between ages three and five, but enjoyed by the whole family, this play takes us to new worlds, all without the use of spoken language.

Watch: “Music for Your Eyes”
Traveling: 4 performers, 2 technicians, 1 staff
Technical specifications: Tech Rider | Facebook | Twitter
To book, contact: Mariol Arias |mariol_as@hotmail.com

In addition to presenting this artist, PAGE grants require at least one artist-involved community engagement activity; possibilities for this engagement can be found here.

Artist Selection

How artists are selected for the PAGE roster:

The 2020-2021 curation of the Performing Arts Global Exchange roster involves many voices. There is no application process for artists who wish to be included on the annual Performing Arts Global Exchange roster.

  1. Curators selected on an annual basis by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (MAAF) and the National Endowment for the Arts (The Endowment,) provide artist roster suggestions. The curators have expertise in the performing arts specifically in the selected roster countries.
  2. Then, MAAF staff and the National Endowment for the Arts review these nominations and select a reduced pool of nominated artists that best fit the program objectives. Consideration is given to broad geographic appeal, aesthetic variety, affordability, diversity and inclusivity.
  3. Next, feedback on these potential roster artists is gathered via an online survey of U.S. presenters.
  4. MAAF and the Endowment select the final roster, weighing presenter feedback and program goals.

Presenters who would like to provide feedback on the roster artists under consideration via survey should sign up for the MAAF newsletter or contact robyn@midatlanticarts.org.

The Curators:

Derek Andrews | Toronto, ON, Canada

As Artistic Director of the annual music conference Mundial Montreal, Derek assists with North American tour development, including Canada’s World Routes Network. He is also President of the Toronto Blues Society where he serves as Executive Director of the biennial Blues Summit, and has been a volunteer member of the recently formed Toronto Music Advisory Council and European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. As a concert organizer, Derek developed themed concert programming at Harbourfront Centre from 1986-2003, presenting 4,000 artists, and was Co-artistic Director of Toronto’s WOMAD festival from 1988-1992. Derek has presented seminars at industry conferences such as WOMEX and Folk Alliance International and has served on advisory committees for the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council.

Marcela Diez | Mexico City, Mexico

Diez Martínez has a long history as an arts manager and performing arts programmer. She recently became the coordinator of Comunidad CulturaUNAM at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México after many years at the Festival Internacional Cervantino, the largest arts festival in Latin America, where she recently served as General Director. After living in Belgium, the USA, Spain and Mexico, her life and career have always been intertwined with the arts. She was Managing Director of an art gallery in Barcelona, promoted Mexican artists in Europe, and after returning to Mexico, dedicated herself to the promotion and programming of the performing arts, including a long career at Festival Internacional Cervantino where she served as Programming Director from 2013-2018. She has a BA in Psychology and Graduate studies in Education.

Margo Kane | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cree-Saulteaux performing artist, Margo Kane, is the Founder and Artistic Managing Director of Full Circle: First Nations Performanceand a leading figure in Aboriginal performing arts. For over 40 years, she has been active as an actor, performing artist, director and community cultural worker. She developed and runs the annual Talking Stick Festival, a music program, and an Indigenous Ensemble Program. Recently she was Artistic Director for the City of Vancouver’s Canada150+ summer festival; and has performedin Barcelona for the Grec Theatre Festival and at Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver.  Margo serves on the Board of the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) and regularly participates in performing arts markets. She has received many awards and honors, including the Canadian Achievement Award from the National Capital Commission, a BC Film LEO Award, the Lorena Gale Woman of Distinction from the Union of BC Performers, and a Jesse Richardson Theatre Award.  In 2016, she received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of the Fraser Valley and, most recently, the Order of Canada from the Governor-General.

Juan Meliá | Mexico City, Mexico

Juan Meliá is Director of Theatre UNAM at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He has worked both in public office and independent initiatives, notably as: Director of Cultural Promotion at the Universidad de Guanajuato and as General Director of the Cultural Institute of León, Guanajuato, where he participated as one of the initiators of the  International Festival of Contemporary Art (FIAC) and founding member of the Contemporary Art Gallery ARTE3. Recently, he served as National Theater Coordinator of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico (INBAL) where he developed projects such as Muestra Nacional de Teatro, Programa Nacional de Teatro Escolar, Feria Nacional del Libro Teatral and the programming of the  Scenic spaces of the Centro Cultural del Bosque, en la Ciudad de México. He has also served as the Mexican representative and Intergovernmental Committee President of IBERESCENA, coordinator and representative of the National Institute of Fine Arts, for the Fiscal Encouragement to the National Theater Production (EFITEATRO), and Executive Secretary of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) of the Secretaría de Cultura de México.

For Presenters

Booking Guidelines

COVID-19 Coronavirus: We recognize this is a fluid and rapidly developing situation. At this time, organizations are encouraged to apply to MAAF programs as normal. Applications can be withdrawn at any point without any penalty or negative impact on future applications. Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility to applicants and grantees. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your program officer.

To learn more about the program and how to receive a grant, please see program guidelines. For your convenience, guidelines are available in both PDF and Word formats below.

Download PAGE Guidelines as a PDF (link opens in a new window)

Download PAGE Guidelines as an accessible Word document (click link to download)

Current Grantees & Tours

2020-2021 Performing Arts Global Exchange Grantees

Come back soon! A full schedule of all grant-supported tour dates will be available in July 2020.

Manage Your Grant

COVID-19 Coronavirus: As you know, this is a rapidly evolving situation, and we recognize the need to be flexible.  We recognize that out of an abundance of caution, grantees may need to cancel grant-supported engagements or activities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Operations, Phillip Harmon, or the MAAF program officer handling your specific grant program or activity to discuss your concerns or options. You can find staff contact information here.  Please be assured we will not penalize grantees for canceling grants due to COVID-19 coronavirus considerations and will be as flexible as we can within the limits of our own funder limitations.

Virtual Engagement Guidance

As arts presenting organizations evolve in response to a changing landscape, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation will continue to take a flexible approach to our program policies during this time. While we believe that live, in-person performances are hard to replace, we are also open to adaptive approaches that will ensure continued access to these arts experiences. Therefore, we are glad to announce the following policy for virtual engagements as an option for our grantees to fulfill their public performance and community engagement activity requirements.

Please read the full guidance document to understand the requirements of presenting your funded engagement as a virtual presentation. We have also included links to a few resources that may help you guide your decisions around virtual presentation.

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Virtual Engagement Guide as a PDF (link opens in a new window)
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Virtual Engagement Guide as an accessible Word document (Click link to download)

Changes in Project Proposal

Any changes in the content, schedule, or budget of your project as proposed must be submitted in writing for approval prior to being implemented. Requested changes must be submitted to Phillip Harmon, Director of Operations, at phillip@midatlanticarts.org.

Funding Acknowledgement and Crediting

Acknowledgement and Crediting requirements were included as Exhibit A of the Grant Award Agreement.

Grantees must clearly acknowledge support from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through use of both the credit language and logo as outlined below. Use of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation logo does not replace the credit language. Copies of the required crediting materials must be submitted as part of the final report.

Credit and Logo Usage Details

The following statement and the PAGE logo, and where space permits, the logos of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts MUST appear in all programs, websites and press releases produced by the funded organization or its agents in relation to the funded project. In addition, the following statement and the PAGE logo should be included whenever possible, either jointly or separately as necessary, in all flyers and postcards, email communications, season brochures, social media posts and calendars, and any other print or electronic promotional and publicity materials produced by the funded organization or its agents in relation to the funded project.

  • This statement must be used in its entirety and cannot be altered in any way:

This engagement of [ARTIST] is funded through Performing Arts Global Exchange a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

Website Link

Grantees are required to include a link to the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation website at https://www.midatlanticarts.org when crediting Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation on their website. This link must remain active during the entire length of your grant period with MAAF. You are requested, but not required, to embed the link in MAAF’s logo.

Final Reports

Final report requirements and instructions are included as Exhibit B of the Grant Award Agreement.

Grantees are required to submit a final report which is due thirty (30) days after the end of the grant period on record as listed in the Grant Award Agreement.

Final reports are completed online using the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s eGRANT system at https://midatlanticarts.egrant.net.  Please read the instructions in the eGRANT system carefully.

The account used to submit the Common Information Form for the grant must be used to complete the final report. If you do not remember your login and/or password, please use the link on the eGRANT login page to retrieve the information.

For questions about your grant and the crediting or final reporting requirements, contact Phillip Harmon, Director of Operations, at phillip@midatlanticarts.org or 410.539.6656 x109.