Mid Atlantic Tours brings exemplary performing arts ensembles to communities across the mid-Atlantic region.

Presenters select from a curated roster of artists that changes annually but maintains a programmatic commitment to a diversity of performance genres, regional artist representation, and engaging with communities underserved by the arts. Presenters work directly with agents and eligible organizations receive support for their project. 

Presenters located in the mid-Atlantic region who engage a Mid Atlantic Tours Roster Artist during the project period receive up to 50% subsidy for the Roster Artist’s compensation as well as presenter capacity support. Presenters work directly with the Roster Artist’s Tour Manager to negotiate terms, including engagement dates and compensation. Once terms are confirmed between Presenter and Tour Manager, the Presenter completes a short application to Mid Atlantic Arts. 

Grant support range: Engagement support of up to 50% of artists fees. Minimum of $1,000. Other eligible expenses of up to $2,000 to support direct project expenses. 

Eligibility and Schedule


To be eligible for a Mid Atlantic Tours grant award, Presenters must:

  • be based in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, West Virginia, and the Native nations that share this geography;
  • be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or be a unit of state or local government or Federally-recognized Indian tribal government;
  • demonstrate organizational administrative capacity to complete all required project components in collaboration with the Roster Artist and their Tour Manager;
  • be in good standing with Mid Atlantic Arts at the time of application, with no overdue or outstanding required reports and/or grant documents

Review full program guidelines for more details on program structure and eligibility



  • December 7, 2023, 11:00am-12:00pm: Presenter Informational Webinar. View webinar recording at this link.
  • December 18, 2023, 2:00-3:30pm: Roster Artist Share. View Roster Artist Share recording at this link.
  • March 28, 2024: Booking deadline for mid-Atlantic region presenters to contract Mid Atlantic Tours artists 
  • July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025: Project period for Mid Atlantic Tours subsidy awards to presenters (presentations of Mid Atlantic Tours Roster Artists must take place during this period)

The FY25 Mid Atlantic Tours selection process is complete. If you are an artist/company interested in being considered for the FY26 program, please subscribe to our newsletter for details on the next application cycle. Find more details of the selection process for the FY25 cycle below. 

Guidelines and Application

Download the Mid Atlantic Tours presenter guidelines below. 

The Mid Atlantic Tours application will be available to presenters recommended by Tour Managers for funding in Spring 2024. Make sure to submit a letter of agreement to the Tour Manager of the Artist/Company you wish to book by no later than March 28, 2024 to receive instructions on the application process.  

Guidelines and Webinar Recording

Display caption

Color image of a dance company in bright traditional dress with large circular headdresses.

Explore the 2023-2024 Mid Atlantic Tours engagements.

2024-2025 Artist Roster

123 Andrés 

Andrés and Christina, medium-skinned Latinx performers, in center of frame, full body with arms outstretched, standing on concrete steps, with a curvy building covered in metallic tiles in the background.

Display caption

Image: 123 Andrés. Credit: Marcelo Quiñones.

Discipline: Music | Genre: Latin/ Family 

Tour Manager: Sarah Saltwick | 


Adam Booth 

Seven large paper blue heron sculptures fill the stage space in various poses atop music stands while the performer, dressed in blue, makes a bird-in-flight pose near a blue quilt.

Display caption

Image: Adam Booth in 23 Heron’s Journey. Credit: Angela Durkin The Journal.

Discipline: Folk | Genre: Folk- Storytelling 

Tour Manager: Angie Flook | 


Alex & Olmsted 

An astronaut floating in space, her body angled towards a small astronaut marionette that is mirroring her physicality.

Display caption

Image: Alex and Olmstead in MAROONED! A Space Comedy. Credit: Ryan Maxwell Photography.

Discipline: Theater | Genre: Puppetry 

Tour Manager: Sarah Olmsted Thomas | 


Debra Ann Byrd/ Harlem Shakespeare Festival  

Solo Artist Debra Ann Byrd in a scene from Becoming Othello at Prague Shakespeare.

Display caption

Image: Debra Ann Byrd in a scene from Becoming Othello at Prague Shakespeare. Credit: Prague Shakespeare.

Discipline: Theater | Genre: Drama 

Tour Manager: Debra Ann Byrd| 


Long Point String Band 

Four men perform on mandolin, banjo, upright bass, and guitar in front of a quilted backdrop

Display caption

Image: Long Point String Band. Credit: edit: Steve Brightwell – W.V. Division of Arts, Culture and History.

Discipline: Folk | Genre: Music 

Tour Manager: Lars Swanson | 


Plena Libre 

Six musicians dressed in white and holding instruments pose in front of a brightly painted street corner.

Display caption

Image: Plena Libre. Credit: Courtesy of the Artist.

Discipline: Music | Genre: Plena/ Bomba/ Son 

Tour Manager: David Gaar | 

Full Roster Information Packet

Roster Artist Interest Form

The Mid Atlantic Tours Roster Artist Interest Form is now closed. If you are interested in being considered for a future Mid Atlantic Tours roster or have any questions about the program, please email Program Director, Performing Arts Sarah Lewitus at

Performing artists based in Mid Atlantic Arts’ geographic region working in dance, folk and traditional performing arts, multidisciplinary performance, music, puppetry, or theater may submit the Roster Artist Interest Form to be considered for the Mid Atlantic Tours roster.

Review the 2023-2024 Roster Artist Interest Form Overview below for full eligibility and more information about the program. *For information purposes only – the 2023-2024 Roster Artist Submission deadline has passed.

Mid Atlantic Arts engaged four Curatorial Advisors for the 2023-2024 Roster Artist selection process. Curatorial Advisors reviewed submissions to the Interest Form and had the option to recommend additional artists.

Learn about the 2023-2024 Mid Atlantic Tours Curatorial Advisors.

Roster Artist Interest Form and Webinar

Opportunity & Support Type
Target Candidate
Federally-recognized Indian tribal government, Units of government, Members of Art Agencies, Performing Arts Presenter, Artist/practitioner
Performing Arts
Folklife & Traditional Arts
Regional Requirement
Questions or need guidance?
Sarah Lewitus
Program Director, Performing Arts and Accessibility Coordinator
Funding support provided by:
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