Strategic Plan

In February of 2020, our board of directors approved out 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. We were excited to jump in with both feet when the pandemic hit and we shifted to emergency support. The plan helped us make that pivot and has served as a guidepost as we worked to find ways to provide services to the field.

The 2020-2024 planning process resulted in a new mission, vision, and guiding principles that more closely align with Mid Atlantic Arts’ goals and objectives. A commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and access guides all of our processes – from program development and evaluation to reaching out to communities and creating new connections and we we wanted to be sure that was centered in the new plan.

With the 2020-2024 strategic plan came another change – we removed the word “Foundation” from our name and became Mid Atlantic Arts. 

Our next planning process will begin in the coming months as we welcome our new Executive Directors and take stock of what our work looks like and can be in light of all of the changes that have taken place in the last four years. We look forward to sharing that process with you.