Our Priorities

Guiding Principles

Paintbrush and pencil representing artistry

Artistry and Creative Expression

Mid Atlantic Arts values the pursuit of artistry and the promotion of creative expression. We believe that the arts are an essential part of life, enriching our human experience and contributing to communities’ overall well-being.


Mid Atlantic Arts values the abundant and expansive diversity that exists within our region, our nation, and the world. We honor and celebrate the mid-Atlantic’s people, artistic and community resources and, most notably, our many forms of cultural expression, and believe them to be major sources of strength in our region.

Equity and Access

Mid Atlantic Arts acknowledges that long-standing systems and practices within the arts sector have led to significant barriers to equitable access and investment for individuals and across communities. We are committed to the implementation of equitable practices through intentional and sustained focus and accountability.

Curiosity and Listening

Mid Atlantic Arts believes listening to and understanding those we serve leads to relevant and responsive programs and policies. We are committed to ongoing evaluation, analysis, and evolution of our work and practices. We are also committed to the development and support of learning communities, stakeholder convening, and the achievement of best practices to improve our services to the field.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Mid Atlantic Arts values the relationships with our many trusted partners across the region, the United States, and internationally that extend the reach and impact of our programs. We recognize the National Endowment for the Arts, our state and jurisdictional arts agencies, fellow regional arts agencies, donors, funders, service organizations, and other stakeholders as key allies in fulfilling our mission.