Mid Atlantic Arts fosters and finances the development and showcase of a wide range of artistic expressions while linking individuals to enriching arts encounters both within our local area and across broader horizons. Established in 1979 Mid Atlantic Arts extends its backing to artists, event organizers, and institutions via distinctive initiatives, grants, partnerships, and knowledge exchange. Our roots trace back to 1979, with Mid Atlantic Arts harmonizing its efforts with the state arts councils within the region and the National Endowment for the Arts. We combine resources from state and federal sources with contributions from private entities, including corporations, foundations, and individuals, to support a diverse spectrum of artistic forms and engage individuals in meaningful arts experiences throughout our locality and beyond.

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Color photograph of a table still life.

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Image: Kimberly Witham 2023 NJSCA Photography Fellow. Credit: Kimberly Witham.

Seven large paper blue heron sculptures fill the stage space in various poses atop music stands while the performer, dressed in blue, makes a bird-in-flight pose near a blue quilt.

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Image: Mid Atlantic Tours artist Adam Booth in 23 Heron's Journey. Credit: Angela Durkin The Journal.

Artist submissions due June 24, 2024

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Mid Atlantic Arts serves as a creative and financial partner for artists and presenters looking to share innovation throughout the region, the nation, and beyond.

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Headshot of paulA neves on a beach with a blue sky in the background.

Arts Spotlight

Pride Spotlight: paulA neves  

We are spotlighting Pride Month with a conversation with NJ artist paulA neves ! paulA neves (she/they) is a Portuguese-American writer, filmmaker, and educator. Her work explores queerness and the immigration experience. paulA is a 2024-2025 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Arts Fellow for prose. We spoke with her about her work, “Portuguese School: Stories,” and the queer themes of her writing.

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Mid Atlantic Arts supports artists, presenters, and organizations through unique programming, grant support, partnerships, and information sharing. Created in 1979, Mid Atlantic Arts is aligned with the region’s state arts councils and the National Endowment for the Arts. We combine state and federal funding with private support from corporations, foundations, and individuals to nurture diverse artistic expression while connecting people to meaningful arts experiences within our region and beyond.

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Image: The staff of Mid Atlantic Arts celebrate Theresa Colvin, center. Credit: Micah E. Wood.

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Headshot of paulA neves on a beach with a blue sky in the background.

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Image: paulA neves . Credit: Courtesy of the Artist.

Three people stand center stage holding glass trophies. Behind them, a screen with the words Poetry Out Loud can be seen.

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Image (Left to right): Poetry Out Loud 2024 3rd place winner Nyla Dinkins from Washington, DC; 1st place winner Niveah Glover from Florida; and 2nd place winner Tiana Renee Jones from Georgia. Credit: James Kegley.