Accessibility Policy

Mid Atlantic Arts acknowledges that long-standing systems and practices within the arts sector have led to significant barriers to equitable access and investment for individuals and across communities, including the disability community.

We are committed to the implementation of equitable practices through intentional and sustained focus and accountability. As such, we practice accessibility by providing accommodations for our grants and programming.

Learn more and request an accommodation

To request an accommodation for any of Mid Atlantic Arts’ grants or programs, email or call 410-539-6656 X 110.

Want to learn more about Mid Atlantic Arts’ commitment to accessibility and our current accessibility & disability justice initiatives & programming? Reach out to Accessibility Coordinator Sarah Lewitus at or call 410-539-6656 X 110.

Our commitment to accessibility

At Mid Atlantic Arts, accessibility is directly connected to our mission, vision, and guiding principals. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability in access to services or programs or in hiring and employment decisions. We work to meet our colleagues’ access needs and continue to improve the accessibility of our work and program environments. We believe that compliance to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is important. Further, we believe creating a culture of access and inclusion goes beyond the ADA.

Accessibility in action at Mid Atlantic Arts

At Mid Atlantic Arts, we provide the following accommodations:

  • Word and accessible PDFs versions of program guidelines and all documents
  • Live captioning for all webinar events
  • Captioned videos and full transcripts of recorded webinar events 
  • Inviting spoken or written communication
  • Embracing a diversity of learning and communication styles

We can provide the following accommodations upon request. Email, or call 410-539-6656 X 110. Individual Program Directors are also available to receive accommodations requests for their programs.

  • Live ASL interpretation for webinar events
  • Large-print format written materials
  • Other services necessary to ensure that everyone can participate – reach out to discuss how we can make a grant or program accessible to you

Programming & Resources

Visit this page to learn about Mid Atlantic Arts’ programming and resources.

Mid Atlantic Arts welcomes your feedback on the accessibility of our programs. If you have feedback or would like to submit constructive criticism or a complaint about our accessibility practices, please email, or call 410-539-6656 X 110.