Current Performing Arts Global Exchange Grantees

2024-2025 Tours

Color photo of six musicians dressed in black posed in front of a wide board wood wall.

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Image: Espiral 7. Credit: Courtesy of the Artist.

Espiral 7 is a band born from the rich rhythmic patterns of Colombian Pacific Coast Folk music, blending Latin-pop, Latin-rock, Afro-Latin music, and more. Their music is a constant dialogue with the diverse arts of the region, creating a genre-defying experience that resonates with a broad audience. On stage, Espiral 7 transforms into a captivating sonic narrative of the city of Cali, delivering an explosive show backed by a powerful live band and compelling animated visuals. With a lineup that includes Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, and a vocalist who adds her light to the stage, the ensemble creates an immersive and vibrant musical experience.

Espiral 7 will be presented by:

A group of female musicians stand and sit holding their instruments.

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Image: Las Guaracheras. Credit. Courtesy of the Artist.

The all-female sextet Las Guaracheras was born in 2017 in the city of Cali, Colombia. It is an initiative of the percussionists Laura Linares and Mónica Castro, who as lovers of the son (“sound” in Spanish) and guaracha genres, formed an instrumental group in which they could express all their intense musical feelings while preserving the essence of guaracha and exalting the memory of the great Cuban guarachera Celia Cru. Above all, the cultural and artistic objective of the ensemble is to elevate the female voice in Afro-Latin music and thus build a more inclusive, diverse and respectful cultural space where we all fit. Through art, Las Guaracheras have found a way to resist, express, and in a way, “heal” different wounds; it is a privileged artform to make visible, through everyday language, the reality of women. 

Las Guaracheras will be presented by:

Color headshot of Luciane Dom. Luciane has long braided dark hair pulled up in the back and wears a brightly patterned top, choker, and earrings.

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Image: Luciane Dom. Credit: Marcos Hermes.

Luciane Dom – multilingual singer, songwriter, and producer – is part of the new generation of contemporary artists from Rio de Janeiro. She brings poetry to themes of Black diaspora, feminism, empowerment, and other social reflections that impact the construction of her emotions. Luciane´s performances incorporate various musical influences: from Afrobeat, to Urban Jazz, Reggae, and Ijexá, and are calls to action, inviting audiences to dance, sing, and free their bodies. She has been featured at venues such as Brasil Summerfest at Lincoln Center and Celebrate Brooklyn, and was named Rising Star of the Year by the 2022 African Entertainment Awards. 

Additional support for the tour of Luciane Dom is provided by the Instituto Guimarães Rosa.  

Luciane Dom will be presented by:

Color photo of Luedji Luna. The artist wears a long forest green dress made up of long tiered fringe.

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Image: Luedji Luna. Credit: Henrique Falci.

Luedji Luna, one of Brazil’s most powerful voices, presents the “Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo D’água Deluxe” tour. Exploring sound styles from neo-soul, R&B, and jazz, her music will heal and soothe the soul, from start to finish. She shares with audiences recently released songs from the album of the same name and revisits the successes from previous works of her career (“Um Corpo no Mundo” and “Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo D’água”). Luedji has become a reference in contemporary Brazilian popular music (MPB), has been nominated for several awards including Best MPB Album at the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards, and has performed on global platforms like Colors and Tiny Desk. An active voice in racial and feminist activism, Luedji dives into her ancestry and brings to her art powerful messages of resistance, beliefs, depth, and love.  

Additional support for the tour of Luedji Luna is provided by the Instituto Guimarães Rosa. 

Luedji Luna will be presented by:

Color photo of three people standing in the outside corner of buildings with windows behind them.

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Image: La Muchacha. Credit: Courtesy of the Artist.

La Muchacha, the one who is in search of her roots, has built a sound manifesto that connects with other voices and with other lives. Her project was born from an investigation of the musical roots of her people, recognizing their Latin American origins and strong roots in the singer-songwriter tradition. She explores the nuances of Colombian rhythms and the rich mix that is generated between popular, folkloric, and new-world music. With a voice and guitar, she is accompanied by Miguel Velásquez Matijasevic on double bass and Camilo Bartelsman on percussion, with whom, in addition to a handful of songs that will become a fully new and vibrant album, they have created something almost symbiotic. La Muchacha’s music speaks to the defense of life, love, the complicity between humor and satire, and the resistance of communities and territories. 

La Muchacha will be presented by: