Folklore Education Programs

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Pennsylvania State University (Harrisburg), American Studies Program
The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of American society and culture. It provides the student with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the fields of history, literature, media, material culture, musicology, folklore, art, architecture, music, and to study the interrelationships linking those fields with important questions and issues in American life.

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Graduate Program in Folklore and Folklife
During the 30 years of its existence, the program has graduated more than 200 Ph.D.s in Folklore and Folklife. There are currently 40 students taking graduate courses or working on their dissertations in the program. In June 1999, the Center for Folklore and Ethnography was founded. Housed in Logan Hall along with the Graduate Program, the Center collaborates with other Penn initiatives such as the Humanities Forum and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, in organizing symposia, networking with scholarly and community groups, and building resources toward training documentary and ethnographic skills. The Center and the Graduate Group are closely intertwined, with hopes for joint projects on the horizon.


George Mason University, Masters Certificate in Folklore Studies
The certificate in folklore studies enables students to explore the processes of tradition that move through multiple expressive forms, such as folktales, folk beliefs, folk medicine, folk art, folksong, and literature. A discipline based on ethnographic fieldwork, folklore studies offers students a chance to work in communities and collect living traditional materials that are critical to human identity and values. Interdisciplinary by nature, folklore thrives on local particularities as well as compelling global connections.

West Virginia

Fairmont State College, Undergraduate Minor in Folklore Studies
The study of folklore and folklife involves examination and analysis of traditional expressive culture in all its forms, including oral and material.