The group Nobuntu is performing in front of microphones. All of the members are wearing garments with stripes or patterns. Out of the five performers, the middle one is sitting down playing a bongo drum.
Nobuntu performing in Susquehanna University’s Degenstein Theater through Mid Atlantic Tours 2018. Credit: Chad Hummel.

Mid Atlantic Tours is a curated roster program of performing artists and ensembles chosen to tour throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Subsidy is provided directly to presenters engaging artists from the roster for performances. The roster of artists changes annually but maintains a programmatic commitment to a diversity of performance genres, international cultural exchange, and engaging communities underserved by the arts.

The annual artist roster is selected through a staff-curated process led by MAAF Program Officer, Performing Arts, with input from mid-Atlantic presenters through an annual survey. Criteria considered in the selection process include artists or ensembles that appeal to a wide-range of presenters within the mid-Atlantic region, reasonable artist affordability and technical requirements, and strong artist representation.

There is no application process for artists to be part of the Mid Atlantic Tours roster. Presenters interested in learning more about the booking and funding process should refer to the Now Booking and Booking Guidelines tabs under this program.

Questions regarding Mid Atlantic Tours should be directed to Haowen Wang at haowen@midatlanticarts.org.

The 2021-2022 touring roster and booking guidelines will be announced in late Fall 2020.

Mid Atlantic Tours is made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Regional Touring Program with additional funding provided by  the Delaware Division of the Arts.

2021-2022 Artist Roster

The 2021-2022 touring roster and booking guidelines will be announced by the end of January 2021.

Booking Guidelines

The 2020-2021 Mid Atlantic Tours Roster booking deadline was February 28, 2020 for engagements taking place between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Please check back with us in late Fall of 2020 for the announcement of the 2021-2022 roster.

For your reference, you can download the 2020-2021 Booking Guidelines in both PDF and Word formats below.

Download 2020-2021 Mid Atlantic Tours Booking Guidelines as a PDF (link opens in a new window)
Download 2020-2021 Mid Atlantic Tours Booking Guidelines as an accessible Word document (click link to download)

Current Grantees & Tours

2020-2021 Mid Atlantic Tours Grantees

Due to COVID-19 disruptions, many funded projects are being rescheduled into the next seasons. MAAF is actively working with our grantees to find suitable solutions to support these projects. Please check with the performance venue to confirm dates and times, and for ticket information.

Acrobuffos | AIR PLAY (NY, USA)

A huge piece of purple silk-like fabric blows above the two small figures holding it fast in the lower right corner of the image. A black backdrop sets off this stage performance.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

AIR PLAY is a visual poem using no words. It lives on the edge of definition: part comedy, part sculpture, part circus, part theater. The creation of husband & wife team Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone, AIR PLAY merges their circus and street theater performance art with the sculptural artistry of Daniel Wurtzel.

Photo: Florence Montmare.

Ak Dan Gwang Chil (Seoul, South Korea)

Nine men and women, with traditional instruments, surround a vocalist facing center and singing. They are posed against a bright red background.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) is a multi-award winning Korean traditional music group, featuring six Korean traditional musicians and three powerhouse female folk singers. ADG7 performs repertoire from the sacred, shamanic, and secular gut (ritual music) and minyo (folk song) traditions of the Hwanghae-do region, a western province of North Korea. 

Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

 Choir!Choir!Choir! (Ontario, Canada)

A large theater is bathed in purple light. The image is shot from behind the two performers on stage at a microphone. They are leading the audience, on three tiers, in a sing-a-long.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

A Toronto-based singing group led by creative directors Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman. The duo takes a non-traditional approach; there are no auditions, and the audience is the choir. Just show up and they’ll teach you an original arrangement to a song you love.

Photo: Joseph-Fuda

 The Honey Dewdrops (MD, USA)

A man and a woman, both playing acoustic guitars, stand center stage in a close-up image.  The woman is singing.  The stage is lit in pink, purple, and orange.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

Americana duo The Honey Dewdrops – Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish– has long felt the push-and-pull between their original roots in the Appalachian Mountains and their current home in urban Baltimore. You’ll hear it in their harmony soaked songs and the mastery of their instruments’ acoustic tones, but also in their songwriting, which reflects the hard realities of today.

Photo: Nolan Zunk.

 Rare Essence (DC, USA)

Four men stand at the front of the stage with microphones.  We can see a full band behind them on a blue lit stage. The back of the audience is in the foreground of the image.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

Rare Essence, Washington’s premier Go-Go band for more than four decades, is a D.C. institution that has built a devoted fan base that spans multiple generations. Drawn to the indigenous funk sired in the mid -70’s by the late Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown, Rare Essence would be one of Brown’s earliest, and have remained his most enduring, progeny.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

 Sonia De Los Santos (NJ, USA)

Sonja De Los Santos stands in front of a natural wooden board wall. She holds a ukelele and is wearing a black sun dress.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

Nominated for Best Latin Children’s Album at the 20th Annual Latin Grammy Award (2019), Sonia De Los Santos is one of the brightest voices in bilingual children’s music. Sonia’s concerts delve into her experiences growing up in Mexico. Songs in Spanish and English are inspired by various Latin American rhythms including son jarocho and cumbia, as well as the North American folk traditions from the United States.

Photo: Juanjo Molina.

Tentacle Tribe |GHOST (Quebec, Canada)

Black and white image of six dancers closely grouped together. Their poses look as if they are interlocked. They are shot close-up with a black background.

Artist Website | Media Sample | Contact Agent

Tentacle Tribe dance company presents their unique brand of conceptual hip–hop, experimenting with intricate partnering, refined musicality, and a saturated dose of physical choreography. Co-founders Lê Phan and Höglund have redefined their b-boying and b-girling practices into an innovative aesthetic that transcends style boundaries and expresses the embodiment of music beyond technique.

Photo: Alexandre Gilbert.

Manage Your Grant

COVID-19 Coronavirus: As you know, this is a rapidly evolving situation, and we recognize the need to be flexible.  We recognize that out of an abundance of caution, grantees may need to cancel grant-supported engagements or activities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Operations, Phillip Harmon, or the MAAF program officer handling your specific grant program or activity to discuss your concerns or options. You can find staff contact information here.  Please be assured we will not penalize grantees for canceling grants due to COVID-19 coronavirus considerations and will be as flexible as we can within the limits of our own funder limitations.

Virtual Engagement Guidance

As arts presenting organizations evolve in response to a changing landscape, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation will continue to take a flexible approach to our program policies during this time. While we believe that live, in-person performances are hard to replace, we are also open to adaptive approaches that will ensure continued access to these arts experiences. Therefore, we are glad to announce the following policy for virtual engagements as an option for our grantees to fulfill their public performance and community engagement activity requirements.

Please read the full guidance document to understand the requirements of presenting your funded engagement as a virtual presentation. We have also included links to a few resources that may help you guide your decisions around virtual presentation.

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Virtual Engagement Guide as a PDF (link opens in a new window)
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Virtual Engagement Guide as an accessible Word document (Click link to download)

Changes in Project Proposal

Any changes in the content, schedule, or budget of your project as proposed must be submitted in writing for approval prior to being implemented. Requested changes must be submitted to Phillip Harmon, Grants and Operations Officer, at phillip@midatlanticarts.org.

Funding Acknowledgement and Crediting

Acknowledgement and Crediting requirements were included as Exhibit A of the Grant Award Agreement.

Grantees must clearly acknowledge support from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through use of both the credit language and logo as outlined below.  Use of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation logo does not replace the credit language. Copies of the required crediting materials must be submitted as part of the final report.

Credit and Logo Usage Details

The following statement and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation logo MUST appear in all programs, websites and press releases produced by the funded organization or its agents in relation to the funded project. In addition, the following statement and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation logo should be included whenever possible, either jointly or separately as necessary, in all flyers and postcards, email communications, season brochures, social media posts and calendars, and any other print or electronic promotional and publicity materials produced by the funded organization or its agents in relation to the funded project.

  • This statement must be used in its entirety and cannot be altered in any way.

This engagement of [ARTIST] is funded through the Mid Atlantic Tours program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.*

Website Link

Grantees are required to include a link to the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation website at www.midatlanticarts.org when crediting Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation on their website. This link MUST remain active during the entire length of your grant period with MAAF. You are requested, but not required, to embed the link in MAAF’s logo.

*Some projects are also supported by our State partners. Please refer to the specific crediting requirements and language in your Grant Award Agreement to ensure you provide proper crediting for your project.

Final Reports

Final report requirements and instructions were included as Exhibit B of the Grant Award Agreement.

Grantees are required to submit a final report which is due thirty (30) days after the end of the grant period on record as listed in the Grant Award Agreement.

Final reports are to be completed online using the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s eGRANT system at http://midatlanticarts.egrant.net.  Please read the instructions in the eGRANT system carefully.

The account used to submit the Common Information Form for the grant must be used to complete the final report. If you do not remember your login and/or password, please use the link on the eGRANT login page to retrieve the information.

For questions about your grant and the crediting or final reporting requirements, contact Phillip Harmon, Grants and Operations Officer, at phillip@midatlanticarts.org or 410.539.6656 x109.