Unique Entity Identifiers are for organizations only. Individuals do not need to have a DUNS or SAM UEI in order to apply for or receive grants supported by federal funding. 

The federal government is transitioning from use of the Data Universal Numbering System (“DUNS Number”, also referred to as “DUNS UEI”) to a new Unique Entity Identifier (also referred to as “SAM UEI”, or just “UEI”) through SAM.gov as the primary identifier for tracking where federal grant dollars flow. This new SAM UEI is required of all state, regional, and local agencies, along with nonprofit organizations who receive federal funding; a SAM UEI is also required of organizations who are subgrantees of state, regional, and local agencies. 

Since Mid Atlantic Arts manages several federally funded grant programs, the National Endowment for the Arts requires organizations that receive a grant from Mid Atlantic Arts to have a SAM UEI. All Mid Atlantic Arts grantees will be required to have a SAM.gov UEI by April 22, 2022 in order to apply for or receive Mid Atlantic Arts grants that are supported by federal funds. Acquiring a SAM UEI is a free process. Be wary of scams that may try to impersonate SAM.gov or may try to scam your organization into paying for a UEI. 

For more information on what this transition to SAM UEI means for your organization, refer to this helpful flowchart. If you need assistance with your SAM.gov account or have other technical issues, please visit the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov to search for frequently asked questions.  

Already registered in SAM.gov? 

Great – You’re good to go! Organizations that are already registered with SAM.gov have automatically been assigned a new SAM UEI. When you apply for one of our federally funded grant programs, you’ll be prompted to enter the twelve-character alphanumeric UEI in your Organization Profile on Mid Atlantic Arts’ SmartSimple platform

Not yet registered in SAM.gov? 

In order to get your organization’s SAM UEI, you will need to request one through SAM.gov – you can do so by visiting this page and clicking the button that says “Get Unique Entity ID.” Note: you will be prompted to log in or create an account through LogIn.gov in order to proceed. Please note that you do not need to complete a full registration (“Register Entity”) with SAM.gov in order to get a SAM UEI. Acquiring a SAM UEI is a free process.   

For more information about obtaining your new UEI, you can view a GSA webinar about the new SAM UEI process or view the presentation slide deck for a step-by-step walk-through – instructions for obtaining a UEI without a full registration can be found at time mark 19:47 of the video or page 20 of the presentation slide deck. Or navigate to the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov if you need assistance with your SAM.gov account or have other technical issues. 

If you experience difficulties acquiring a SAM UEI, contact Delise White, Support Specialist, at delise@midatlanticarts.org.  

Thanks to our partners at Arts Midwest, the New England Foundation for the Arts, and the General Services Administration for compiling these instructions and reference materials.