A line of six dancers stretch across stage, holding each other hand to hand in visible tension. The dancers face both front and back and are dressed in earth toned street clothes. They are barefoot on a black stage with a black backdrop

Photo: Boca Toya (New York, NY) traveled to PRISMA International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Panama with support from USArtists International. Credit: Eduard Serra.

Mid Atlantic Arts’ grant programs for artists allow artists to explore and create, provide touring engagements regionally and internationally, help to build audiences, and provide support and services to assist in career development.

Creative Fellowships
An artists' studio wall painted white holds a series of 11 prints in muted colors or various organic forms. A small step ladder sits in the foreground.

The Millay Arts studio of Mid Atlantic Arts Creative Fellow Katrina Bello (NJ, 2021). Credit: Katrina Bello.

Mid Atlantic Arts Creative Fellowships provide artists with the time and space to create. Hosted in partnership with Millay Arts and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, writers, composers, and visual artists can apply for two-week, or one-month residencies underwritten by Mid Atlantic.

Who We Support

Through ongoing partnerships with Millay Arts and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA), Mid Atlantic Arts annually supplements the cost of residencies for a limited number of artists residing in our nine state and jurisdictional region. 

The Creative Fellowships are sponsored residencies. Although Mid Atlantic Arts provides financial support, the residency programs manage their own application submission and review processes.  Only artists who have been accepted for a residency program will be recommended to receive a Creative Fellowship. 

Artists from each state in our region are eligible at a different residency program:

Artists In: Artists In:
New York
West Virginia
District of Columbia
New Jersey
U.S. Virgin Islands
Receive support at: Receive support at:
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
Amherst, VA
Millay Arts
Austerlitz, NY

What Fellows Receive

Creative Fellows receive $3,500 or $1,750 (depending on the length of stay) in support of their residency.  The grant is paid to the respective residency program directly on behalf of the artist. 

In addition, Fellows receive up to $250 in reimbursement for the cost of travel to and from their residency. 


Am I Eligible?

Only residents of Mid Atlantic Arts’ nine state and jurisdictional region are eligible to receive Creative Fellowship support.  Additionally, artists who have previously received support through this program will not be considered eligible to receive another Creative Fellowship for the three years following a supported residency.

How Can I be Considered?

Artists interested in being considered for a Creative Fellowship must apply directly to the applicable residency program. 

There are no additional steps you need to take once you have applied. Creative Fellows are identified through the application review process led by each colony. VCCA and Millay Arts submit recommended Creative Fellowship candidates to Mid Atlantic Arts for further review and approval. 

Please note that you may be approved for a residency but not selected as a Creative Fellow. 

Virginia Center for the
Creative Arts
Millay Arts
Click here to access VCCA’s online application Click here to access Millay’s online application
Deadline: January 15
September to December Residencies
Deadline: March 1
August to November Residencies
Deadline: May 15
January to April Residencies
Deadline: October 1
May to July Residencies
Deadline: September 15
May to August Residencies



Residency programs will notify applicants that they have been selected to receive Creative Fellowship support after the review and approval process has concluded.  Mid Atlantic Arts will then issue a Grant Award Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the Fellowship to the Fellow directly.

Timelines for notification may vary. Application status inquiries should be directed to the respective residency program.

Final Reports & Forms

After their residencies, Fellows will be asked to complete a Final Report and submit a Travel Reimbursement Form along with any travel receipts. The Final Report provides Mid Atlantic Arts with a brief overview of each Fellow’s experience. The Travel Reimbursement Form is used to calculate the amount of reimbursement the Fellow will receive for travel to and from the residency.

Both forms can be accessed in the “Manage Your Grant” tab (above).

Travel Reimbursement Payments

Travel reimbursement will be sent directly to the Fellow upon receipt and approval of the Final Report and Travel Reimbursement Form.


All questions regarding the application and review process should be directed to the colonies.

Click here to contact VCCA

Click here to contact Millay

Stay in Touch!

Receive reminders about residency application deadlines as well as information about other opportunities from Mid Atlantic Arts by signing up for our eNewsletter and opting in for electronic announcements.


I am only interested in a residency if I receive a Creative Fellowship. How can I be sure that funding is still available for artists in my state for the current calendar year?
Artists who are only interested in a Creative Fellowship residency are encouraged to apply for the first residency sessions each year (January to April for VCCA; May to July for Millay Arts) as funding will definitely be available.  If you prefer a residency during a different time of year, please check in with the respective residency program before applying to see if Creative Fellowship funds are still available.

Do I need to inform Mid Atlantic Arts that I have applied for a residency?
No. Recommendations will be forwarded to us from the residency program.

Is it possible to receive Creative Fellowship support for a different residency program?
Currently, support is only available for residents at Millay Arts and VCCA.

I notice that the residency programs charge application fees. What should I do if this presents a financial hardship?
If the fees are a barrier to application, please contact the respective residency program directly.

If I am selected to receive a Creative Fellowship, will Mid Atlantic Arts require that I show evidence of my creative output from the residency in the Final Report?
No. While we ask Fellows to report back about their experiences, we believe that artists should follow their own pace and creative process during their residencies. Mid Atlantic Arts will never assess the success of the residency based on the amount of work produced or require that you submit examples of works-in-progress.

I run a residency program and would love to explore how we could receive funding for our residents through a similar partnership with Mid Atlantic Arts. Is this possible?
Thank you for your work providing creative and inspiring spaces for artists!  Unfortunately, since Mid Atlantic Arts is a non-profit organization that must raise every dollar spent on programs and new initiates, we do not have discretionary funds to support additional projects which fall outside of our budgeted funding structures.

Current Fellows


Roberta Allen, NY
JoAnn Balingit, DE
Rebecca Chace, NY
Carling McManus, WV
Katie Moulton, MD
Mary Proenza, MD
Rebecca Roth, WV
William Torrey, D

Millay Arts

Elliot Avis, DC
Jung Hae Chae, NJ
Michael Covello, PA
Joan Ranzini, VA

Jazz Road

Jazz Road logo. Mid Atlantic Arts is pleased to support Jazz Road, a national initiative from South Arts. Emerging and mid-career jazz artists from anywhere in the United States may apply to bring their music to places it’s never been with a grant from Jazz Road. The artist-centric grant program includes support for Jazz Road Tours and Creative Residencies and is made possible with funds from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with additional support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Visit South Arts’ website to learn more about Jazz Road.

Questions regarding Jazz Road should be directed to Bo Plantz at bplantz@midatlanticarts.org.

State Fellowships
Intricate embroidery and lasercut lace image in black and red tones.

2018 NJSCA Individual Artist Fellowship grantee Amy Wilson’s Edge of the Earth.

Administered by Mid Atlantic Arts, state fellowship programs provide funding for individual artists residing in Delaware and New Jersey to encourage and sustain these artists’ pursuit of artistic excellence. 

Individual artists must apply following the process outlined in the guidelines for their home state. At the annual deadline for these programs a limited number of disciplines are accepted. All applications to these competitive programs are evaluated through a peer panel review process.

Questions regarding State Fellowships should be directed to fellowships@midatlanticarts.org.

State Fellowships are made possible through support from the Delaware Division of the Arts and the New Jersey Council on the Arts.


DelawareDelaware Division of the Arts Logo with an orange color letter "A".

Delaware Division of the Arts
2023 Individual Artist Fellowships

Individual Artist Fellowships provide funding to Delaware creative artists to fulfill needs that will allow them to advance in their careers.  

The Fellowship program is administered in partnership with Mid Atlantic Arts, who identifies arts professionals to serve as potential jurors and administers the jurors’ reviews of the applications.  

Application Status

Applications are now CLOSED for the 2023 program year. 

Submission Deadline

CLOSEDMonday, August 1, 2022

Stay in Touch!

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New Jersey

New JerseyThe NJSCA Logo.

New Jersey State Council on the Arts
2023 Individual Artist Fellowships

Individual Artist Fellowships are awarded to practicing New Jersey artists through an anonymous, competitive application process to help them pursue their artistic goals 

Mid Atlantic Arts administers the application submission, review, and post-award process on behalf of New Jersey State Council on the Arts though an ongoing partnership. This includes applicant notification, administration of the individual grants, and final reporting.  

Application Status

Applications are now CLOSED for the 2023 program year.   

Submission Deadline

CLOSED Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 5PM ET  

When Will I be Notified?

Applicants who submitted a 2022 application will be notified in writing of the State Arts Council’s decision by March 1, 2022.

Need to update your contact information?  Email Mid Atlantic Arts staff at Fellowships@midatlanticarts.org. 

Next Opportunity to Apply

We anticipate 2024 applications and guidelines will be available in late spring 2023 for the following categories:   

Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts 

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USArtists International
Two musicians - a man and a woman - play a guitar (man) and xylophone (woman) on a stage with a bright blue and purple backdrop.

Sounding Eye of California, received USAI support for an engagement at the Flatpack Festival in the UK in 2021. Here they perform Dreamerfly, and other stories. Credit: Katja Ogrin.

USArtists International supports in-person and virtual performances by American artists at engagements at international festivals and global presenting arts marketplaces outside of the United States. The program funds individuals and ensembles across all performing arts practices and disciplines.

USArtists International is designed to encourage the presence of U.S. performing artists on international stages and in the global arts community; to support engagements that develop and expand both the careers and artistic goals of U.S. performers by providing connections with presenters, curators, and fellow artists; and to promote justice in the arts community by elevating the diverse voices contributing to the vibrant array of creative expression in the United States.

USAI provides grants of up to $18,000 toward eligible expenses; please reference the guidelines for further detail.

USArtists International is a program of Mid Atlantic Arts through the generous funding of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mellon Foundation, and The Trust for Mutual Understanding.


Please find full guideline details below:

USArtists International Guidelines 2022 – 2023 (PDF – opens in a new tab)
USArtists International Guidelines 2022 – 2023 (Word – opens in a new tab)

Work Sample Preparation Guide 2022 – 2023 (PDF – opens in a new tab)
Work Sample Preparation Guide 2022 – 2023 (Word – opens in a new tab)

Visit the Application Portal

USAI Budget Instructions
USArtists International FAQ


The application deadlines for USArtists International (USAI) 2022 – 2023 are:

CLOSED: September 6, 2022 by 11:59 PM EasternFor projects taking place between December 15, 2022 and December 14, 2023.
Certification sheets and letters of invitation are due by September 8, 2022.

November 30, 2022 by 11:59 PM EasternFor projects taking place between March 15, 2023 and March 14, 2024.
Certification sheets and letters of invitation are due by December 7, 2022.

March 29, 2023 by 11:59 PM EasternFor projects taking place between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.
Certification sheets and letters of invitation are due by April 5, 2023.

To receive deadline reminders and program updates, please sign up for our newsletter.


Mid Atlantic Arts seeks to serve artists and arts organizations with flexibility as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countries globally.

Travel Track

Mid Atlantic Arts will accept applications to the USArtists International program that seek travel funding to perform internationally and otherwise meet the eligibility requirements outlined in these guidelines. Panel scoring will continue to only include the reviewable criteria detailed in the program guidelines, and will not incorporate the likelihood of a performance due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control. Applicants should communicate with Mid Atlantic Arts staff about any changes to an engagement after an application is submitted. Due to the involvement of federal funds, any news about festival postponement, cancellation, or live performances becoming virtual should be discussed with staff.

Virtual Track

Artists and ensembles whose otherwise-eligible international festival engagements have already determined that an in-person festival is impossible and have decided to offer the festival virtually are also permitted to apply for funding. Grantees that are awarded grants for travel and are later unable to travel may shift to the virtual track with staff approval. Revisions to the submitted budget will be required in this case. Please contact staff if you have any questions about virtual track eligibility.

USArtists International and Mid Atlantic Arts prioritize artist health and safety. Grantees will not be penalized by Mid Atlantic Arts if they cannot or choose not to perform at a festival for which they have received a grant. Should a grantee be unable to travel for any reason, options regarding grant funds are subject to federal guidance from the National Endowment for the Arts. Grantees that choose to travel do so at their own risk. Whether the engagement for which you are seeking funding is planned for an international destination or virtually, please check and abide by all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and official health sources in the country of destination.

Iber Exchange

New this year, Mid Atlantic Arts has partnered with Ibermúsicas to increase artistic exchange between the Americas and beyond. As part of this initiative, significant non-festival performance engagements will be eligible for support through USArtists International in Ibermúsicas’ 2022 member countries as listed in the USAI program guidelines. Eligible performance engagements will need to meet all guideline and application requirements for USArtists International, except for being an international festival. Applications will be reviewed as part of the standard USAI panel process and competitive applications will strongly meet program criteria. Applicants seeking support for non-festival engagements in these countries must review the program guidelines and contact staff at least 72 hours before the application deadline to confirm eligibility before applying.

Fiscal Sponsorship

USArtists International guidelines require applicants without 501(c)3 nonprofit status to apply using a US-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit fiscal sponsor. Nonprofit organizations serving as fiscal sponsors must provide this service as part of their regular operations, and this service must be available to any artist that meets the respective organizations’ published criteria for fiscal sponsorship. Fiscal sponsors do not have to be located in your state of residence. The links provided below are resources for potential applicants and the organizations are not affiliated or endorsed by Mid Atlantic Arts. Fiscal sponsors do not have to be found through these resources in order to meet USArtists International guidelines. To learn more about fiscal sponsorship and securing a fiscal sponsor, visit:

Fiscal Sponsorship 101: Fiscal Sponsorship Resources by Grantspace / en Español

Information on seeking and providing fiscal sponsorship: National Network of Fiscal Sponsors

A non-comprehensive directory of fiscal sponsors nationwide: San Francisco Study Center’s Fiscal Sponsor Directory

Want to learn more?

USArtists International Webinar: Am I eligible?
View a Recording (hyperlink opens new tab to YouTube video).

Are you a solo artist or performing arts ensemble considering an application to the USArtists International grant program? This webinar is for you, whether you’ve applied before or this is your first-time hearing about USAI. You’ll leave this webinar with a clear understanding of the program guidelines, timeline, and what is needed to be eligible for funding.

USArtists International Webinar: Application Tips and Pointers
View a Recording (hyperlink opens new tab to YouTube video).

Attend this webinar and learn some tips on how to use the Mid Atlantic Arts grant portal to submit your USAI application.

Learn more about presenting international artists or performing abroad by visiting our international resources page.

Current Grantees

FY22 Round Three

Aloft Circus Arts, IL
Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Underbelly, United Kingdom

Andy Manjuck & Dorothy James, NY
London International Mime Festival, United Kingdom

Maitisong Festival, Botswana

Autophysiopsychic Millennium, IL
Syuhada Jazz, Indonesia

Avram Fefer Quartet, NY
Jazz Festival Willisau, Switzerland
Kerava Jazz Society, Finland

Bach Aria Soloists, MO
Thailand International Composition Festival, Thailand

Belinda McGuire Dance Projects, NY
International Contemporary Dance Festival, Dominican Republic

Charles Lloyd & the Marvels, CA
Love Supreme, United Kingdom

Complexions Contemporary Ballet, CA
Cologne Summer Festival, Germany

Crystal Skillman, NY
OnStage! Festival, Italy

Dan Tepfer, NY
Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Australia

Degenerate Art Ensemble, WA
Hans Christian Andersen Festival, Denmark

Ensemble Mik Nawooj, CA
Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Space UK, United Kingdom

Faye Driscoll, NY
Dance in August, Germany

Fonema Consort, NY
Sao Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival, Brazil

Gretchen Parlato, CA
2022 Pori Jazz, Finland
North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands
St. Moritz Jazz Festival, Switzerland

JACK Quartet, NY
Barcelona String Quartet Biennale, presented by L’Auditori de Barcelona, Spain
Klagspuren Schwaz, Austria
Musikfest Berlin, Germany

Jasmin Cardenas, IL
Mitambo International Theatre Festival, Zimbabwe

Jeff “Tain” Watts Quartet, PA
Amazonas Greenjazzfestival, Brazil

L.A. Dance Project, CA
Nights of Fourvière, France

Lakecia Benjamin and Pursuance, NY
Grey Cat Festival, Italy
Langnau Jazz Nights, Switzerland
San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Spain

Latinx Performance Ensemble, NY
IGUALDAD International Queer Theater Festival, Argentina

Limón Dance Company, NY
In-Out Dance Festival, Burkina Faso

line upon line percussion, TX
Novalis Festival, Croatia

loadbang, NY
Sound Visions: The International Festival of Music and New Technologies, Mexico

Manual Cinema, IL
Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Underbelly, United Kingdom

Melissa Aldana, MA
Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Australia
Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival, Australia
Wellington Jazz Festival, New Zealand

Meta and the Cornerstones, NY
Feestfabriek – Zwarte Cross, Netherlands
Paleo Festival, Switzerland
Rastaplas Festival, Netherlands

Netta Yerushalmy, NY
Tel Aviv Dance, Israel

nora chipaumire, NY
Autumn Festival, France

Oyu Oro Afro Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble, NY
The Caribbean Festival, Cuba

Pacific Mambo Orchestra, CA
Tempo Latino Festival, France

Plena Libre, TX
Music Meeting Festival – Open Air Festival, Netherlands

Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy’s Ragamala Dance Company, MN
Soorya Choreography Festival, India

Richard Bona, MA
Festival Chile Jazz, Chile: NUNAFEST, Bolivia

Rivers of Sound, NY
Aperto Festival, Italy

S. J. Ewing & Dancers, DC
The Performance Arcade, New Zealand

Sara Serpa – Intimate Strangers, NY
Jazz at the Park, Portugal
Robalo Jazz – Antena 2 Festival, Portugal

Sofia Rei, NY
Musical September International Music Festival, Argentina
Santiago del Estero International Jazz Festival, Argentina

Susie Ibarra, Fragility Etudes, NY
Zamane Festival, Morocco

Talea Ensemble, NY
Time of Music, Viitasaari, Finland

Tank and the Bangas, LA
Jazz at La Villette, France
Shambala Festival, United Kingdom
The Green Cabaret, France

The Legendary Ingramettes, VA
Clifden Arts Festival, Ireland

The Monastir Project, MA
Lokum Fest Bitola, Macedonia
Skopje Summer Festival, Macedonia

The Philadelphia Orchestra, PA
Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland

Theater Breaking Through Barriers Corp, NY
BIRD International Theatre Festival, Japan

Theater Mitu, NY
Enki Performing Arts Festival, Bahrain

Third Coast Percussion, IL
Birds of Paradise, Netherlands

Valerie David, NY
Act Alone Solo Performance Festival, Iceland

Wawali Bonane / Afrisa International / Huit Kilos Nseka / Yoka, TX
Mercado Cultural del Caribe, Colombia


Mid Atlantic Arts panelists serve as individuals and their professional affiliations are listed solely for context. Affiliations and locations were correct at the time of panel service.

2021-2022 Panelists

2020-2021 Panelists

2019-2020 Panelists

2018-2019 Panelists

2017-2018 Panelists

Festival Database

Click here to go to the Festival Database. Please note that being listed in the festival database does not guarantee eligibility for USArtists International. Festivals not listed in the database may still be eligible for the program. Carefully review program guidelines to ensure eligibility.

Manage Your Grant

COVID-19 Coronavirus: As you know, this is a rapidly evolving situation, and we recognize the need to be flexible.  We recognize that out of an abundance of caution, grantees may need to cancel grant-supported engagements or activities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Operations, Phillip Harmon, or the Mid Atlantic Arts program director handling your specific grant program or activity to discuss your concerns or options. You can find staff contact information here.  Please be assured we will not penalize grantees for canceling grants due to COVID-19 coronavirus considerations and will be as flexible as we can within the limits of our own funder limitations.

Changes in Project Proposal

Any changes in the content, schedule, or budget of your project as proposed must be submitted in writing for approval prior to being implemented. Requested changes must be submitted to Phillip Harmon, Director of Operations, at phillip@midatlanticarts.org.

Funding Acknowledgement and Crediting

Acknowledgement and Crediting requirements were included as Exhibit A of the Grant Award Agreement.

Artists/ensembles must clearly acknowledge support from Mid Atlantic Arts through use of both the credit language and logo as outlined below. Use of the Mid Atlantic Arts logo does not replace the credit language. Copies of the required materials must be submitted as part of the final report.

Credit and Logo Usage
The following statement and the Mid Atlantic Arts logo MUST appear on artist/ensemble websites and any print and electronic publicity or promotional materials created by the artist/ensemble.

The following statement and the Mid Atlantic Arts logo should be included in Festival programs, calendars and promotional materials, whenever possible, either jointly or separately as necessary.

  • This statement must be used in its entirety and cannot be altered in any way.

This engagement is supported by Mid Atlantic Arts through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Mellon Foundation.

Website Link
Artists/ensembles are required to include a link to the Mid Atlantic Arts website at https://www.midatlanticarts.org when crediting Mid Atlantic Arts  on their website. This link MUST remain active during the entire length of your grant. You are requested, but not required, to embed the link in Mid Atlantic Arts’ logo.

Final Reports

Final report requirements and instructions were included as Exhibit B of the Grant Award Agreement.

Grantees are required to submit a final report which is due thirty (30) days after the end of the grant period on record as listed in the Grant Award Agreement.

Final reports are to be completed online using the Mid Atlantic Arts Arts’ eGRANT system at https://midatlanticarts.egrant.net.  Please read the instructions in the eGRANT system carefully.

The account used to submit the application for the grant must be used to complete the final report. If you do not remember your login and/or password, please use the link on the eGRANT login page to retrieve the information.

For questions about your grant and the crediting or final reporting requirements, contact Phillip Harmon, Director of Operations, at phillip@midatlanticarts.org or 410.539.6656 x109.


Creative Fellowships

The Creative Fellowships program works on a revolving deadline established by the host colonies.  Please go to the Millay Colony or Virginia Center for the Creative Arts website for information on their next deadline.

Go to Creative Fellowships…

State Fellowships

CLOSED: The deadline for 2023 Fellowship applications was Monday, August 1, 2022.

New Jersey
CLOSED: The application deadline for the 2023 New Jersey Individual Artist Fellowship Awards was Thursday, July 142022.

Go to State Fellowships…

USArtists International

The application deadlines for USArtists International (USAI) 2022 – 2023 are:

September 6, 2022 by 11:59 PM EasternFor projects taking place between December 15, 2022 and December 14, 2023.
Certification sheets and letters of invitation are due by September 8, 2022.

November 30, 2022 by 11:59 PM EasternFor projects taking place between March 15, 2023 and March 14, 2024.
Certification sheets and letters of invitation are due by December 7, 2022.

March 29, 2023 by 11:59 PM EasternFor projects taking place between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.
Certification sheets and letters of invitation are due by April 5, 2023

Go to USArtists International…