Festival Database FAQ

Do I have to choose a festival from Mid Atlantic Arts’ online database to be eligible for USArtists International Funding?
Festivals do not have to be listed in the database to be eligible for inclusion in a USArtists International application. Any festival that meets the eligibility requirements as listed in the program guidelines, is eligible for support.

Where does the information in this database come from?
This database is primarily populated by information from USArtists International applications and festival details may have changed since publication.

Are there festivals in the United States listed in this database?
Not at this time. This database only features international festivals located outside of the United States.

How to get the best results with your searches:

  • Search with fewer criteria (for example, only by country or month)
  • Search with more general criteria (for example, dance rather than specifically ballet)
  • Consider adding multidisciplinary or exclusively performing arts to discipline searches as many festivals are multidisciplinary

What should I enter in each search field? You don’t need to use every field to complete a search. Depending on your needs, you may wish to do a very broad search (by country or month, for example) or very specific (by name, for example.)

Name: in this field you can search by the name of a festival in English. You don’t need to include year signifiers for an annual festival like “20th” or “5th Annual.” Name searches are very specific and may yield few results.

Month: in this field you can search by the approximate month in which a festival generally occurs. Please keep in mind festival months may change from year to year. Visit the festival’s website to verify timing of festivals.

Country: in this field you can search for festivals by country. Searching only by this field will result in a larger number of results.

Disciplines: in this field you can search for festivals by a festival’s discipline focus. The more specific the genre, the fewer results may appear. Consider searching by multidisciplinary or exclusively performing arts in order to identify festivals that present multiple disciplines.

Can’t find the festival the right festival? Here are some additional resources.