Manage Your Grant

Color infographic of the grant timeline and steps for managing your grant.

Step 1: Apply for a grant in our grant portal, SmartSimple

Step 2: Mid Atlantic will review applications for eligibility and conduct other methods of review, such as external panels.

Step 3: Mid Atlantic will notify you about your application via email. For applications that are approved, Mid Atlantic will email you when your grant agreement is available for signature in SmartSimple. Depending on the grant you applied for, you may also be required to submit additional documents or information.

There is important information about requirements included in your grant agreement, including requirements for crediting and accessibility. Be sure to carefully read your agreement for all requirements.

Step 4: Payment will be issued with consideration to two factors: if Mid Atlantic has received and approved required materials from you, and Mid Atlantic’s internal schedule for issuing payments (typically every 2 weeks).

Throughout the grant period: During the term of your grant, there may be changes that arise, and we encourage you to contact us promptly. Certain changes require approval from Mid Atlantic Arts; these types of changes will significantly impact the dates of the grant term, budget figures, or the overall scope of the approved proposal. You can notify the Mid Atlantic Arts team by emailing our grants manager at

Step 5: At the end of your grant term, you are expected to complete a final report, which you can access at any time in SmartSimple. This report serves two purposes:

  • It provides invaluable feedback about the impact of your work to Mid Atlantic staff who oversee grant programs, and
  • It enables Mid Atlantic Arts to fulfill its reporting obligations to its funders, including the NEA, and continue to secure funding for future grants for artists and organizations like you.

Our staff read every report and learn from your experiences, and we thank you for your feedback as we continually strive to offer relevant and timely support for artists.

Step 6: Mid Atlantic Arts staff will review and approve your final report. In the event that Mid Atlantic staff have any questions about your report or if it needs to be revised or updated, we will contact you prior to approval. Once your final report is approved, as applicable, we will remit any outstanding payments for your grant.