Cross-Sector Arts Partnership (CSAP) was a program that supported collaborative projects developed in partnership by non-profit arts organizations and organizations from non-arts sectors such as (but not limited to) agriculture, business/industry, science, technology, military, healthcare, community, education, environment, and/or transportation.

Recognizing that artists, arts organizations, and non-arts sector organizations are working creatively across industries and disciplines, the Cross-Sector Arts Partnership program aimed to support strong, collaborative partnership models between arts and non-arts entities that provide a platform for artistic creation and community impact.

This program was a one-time grantmaking opportunity made possible by the National Endowment of the Arts to support exceptional cross-sector partnership projects in the nine states and jurisdictions of the mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, West Virginia).

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Awarded Projects

Proposals to CSAP were accepted through a nomination process by MAAF’s nine states and jurisdiction arts agency partners. Through a panel process, nine partnership projects were selected to receive grants of up to $10,000. Funded projects will be taking place between May 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Delaware Theatre Company (DE)
Non-arts partner: Ingleside Homes, Inc.
Project: “Delaware Theatre Company Senior Playwriting Program”: A 12-16 week program that offers senior participants opportunities in writing and developing plays, as well as seeing them performed by professional actors.
Award: $8,000

Elders Share the Arts (NY)
Non-arts partner: IBERO-Centro de Oro Senior Center
Project: “Monroe County Creative Aging Partnership Project”: A partnership program where seven senior center program directors and seven teaching artists will be trained, implement residencies, and present at a Festival on creative aging, creating a local professional network as a result.
Award: $10,000

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop (DC)
Non-arts partner: Western Presbyterian Church
Project: “On the Same Page: Write Night”: A poetry-based community building project where participating locals gather to read poetry by incarcerated Free Minds writers, listen to the poetry and personal stories of formerly incarcerated “Poet Ambassadors,” and write feedback for the incarcerated poets, as part of a larger writing initiative for the incarcerated population from D.C.
Award: $10,000

Intersection of Change, Inc. (MD)
Non-arts partner: Druid Heights Community Development Corporation
Project: “Art@Work:Druid Heights”: A five-week artist-apprenticeship summer program that employs youth ages 14-21 to create highly visible murals and mosaics in Baltimore, MD, introducing students to careers and educational opportunities in the arts.
Award: $10,000

New Jersey Theatre Alliance (NJ)
Non-arts partner: Atlantic Health System
Project: “Healing Voices OnStage: Caregivers’ Stories”: A theater project that weaves caregivers’ stories into a production that reflects both the diversity and universality of the caregiver experience, with the goal of offering caregivers who are experiencing stress an opportunity to heal.
Award: $8,055

Oglebay Institute (WV)
Non-arts partner: John Marshall High School
Project: “Rural Arts Collaborative Residency”: A 24-week (approx.) video art workshop at John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, WV; the project is led by teaching artist Michael McKowen, and culminates in a video installation built on campus.
Award: $3,500

People & Stories / Gente y Cuentos (NJ)
Non-arts partner: HomeFront
Project: “People & Stories: Our Voices in Community”: A series of four, ten-week literature and creative writing workshops for the homeless and vulnerable families in Ewing, NJ.
Award: $7,445

Salvadori Center, Ltd. (NY)
Non-arts partner: Center for Supportive Schools
Project: “Annual Student Design Charrette”: A program that brings together 120 students from 6-8 New York City Public Schools to work with 50 STEAM professionals (e.g. architects and engineers) on an all-day design challenge.
Award: $8,000

World Arts Focus, Inc. (MD)
Non-arts partner: Hyattsville Community Development Corp
Project: “Mapping Racism”: A multidisciplinary arts program with exhibit and advocacy toolkit that examines the racial exclusion of property ownership in their community.
Award: $10,000


Recommendations for support were made to MAAF by the following panel of arts professionals:

  • Quique Aviles, Poet/Theater Artist, Washington, DC
  • Dylan House, Public Programs Manager, Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NY
  • Renée Margocee, Director, Tamarack Foundation, Charleston, WV
  • Heller An Shapiro, Executive Director, Art-Stream, Chevy Chase, MD
  • Yolanda Wisher, Poet, Philadelphia, PA