Chithra Jeyaram

Media Arts

Still from Foreign Puzzle.SEPTEMBER 2015

Foreign Puzzle
Director: Chithra Jeyaram
Foreign Puzzle follows dancer and choreographer Sharon Marroquin as she endures intensive breast cancer treatments and explores her fear of death through the creation of a 90 minute dance titled, “The Materiality of Impermanence.” The dance becomes Sharon’s only outlet, allowing her to escape the daily pressures of the disease and life as a single working parent, and shapes her perceptions about life as she fights to heal her body and mind.

Chithra Jeyaram, Director

Chithra Jeyaram is an award winning documentary filmmaker and educator based in Washington D.C. She is the technical instructor at the Institute for Documentary Filmmaking at George Washington University and is a master instructor at Arlington Independent Media where she teaches Documentary Production and Video Editing Courses. Her short film Mijo aired on KLRU TV, PBS online film festival and in more than 50 film festivals around the world. Foreign Puzzle is her debut feature documentary and she is in pre-production for an interactive documentary project titled 1001 Breast Cancer Nights. She is the recipient of the 2014 Creative Arts Fellowship and BAVC National Mediamaker Fellowship for 1001 Breast Cancer Nights; 2013 Docs in Progress Fellowship for Foreign Puzzle; 2012 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Your Worldview Documentary grant for Mijo and Dina Sherzer Award for Social Awareness for her documentary Refugee Musings.