Sample Press Release
A press release gives all of the pertinent information about an upcoming event/performance in a concise 1-2 page document. Include a title line to summarize key message point and contact information. Press releases should be sent 2-4 weeks prior to your event or earlier if announcing a major event (ie. Smith Museum to Host Warhol Retrospective).

Sample Media Alert
Media alerts are used to let the electronic media know about a potential visual opportunity. They should be sent for events with exciting or interesting visuals and should be timely. Media alerts are usually sent 1-2 days prior to an event to assignment editors via fax and email. You should follow–up via telephone. Re-send on the day of the event. Note: If you are producing an event with union workers, you must alert company management to the potential of media recording. Each company will have its own rules governing what can be shot.

Sample Media Outreach Status Report
Keep track of all of your PR contacts.

Sample Radio PSA
Both 15 and 30 second formats.