Film Stills

Film Still; 160 KB; jpg; Credit – Kent Truog; Caption – Kilong Ung honors community elder at groundbreaking ceremony for new school.; alt text – A line a men are holding their hands together on the left and the back of a man wearing glasses on shown on the right.

Film Still1; 135 KB; jpg; Credit – Russell Hawkins; Caption – Debra Hocking travels across Bruny Island (Tasmania) with her children, discovering new pieces of her history and heritage as a member of Australia’s Stolen Generations; alt text – A woman is holding a dog who has its head out of the window of the vehicle they are in.

Film Still2; 95 KB; jpg; Credit – Monte Swann; Caption – O’shea Israel smiles at Mary Johnson, the mother of the man Israel killed when he was 16; alt text – A man is smiling at a women.

Film Still3; 105 KB; jpg; Credit – Jesse Roesler; Caption – Kilong Ung prays for the strength to forgive in Cambodia; alt text – A man in a red shirt is praying with his head bowed down.

Film Still4; 142 KB; jpg; Credit – Matt Ehling; Caption – Mary leads community members in a vigil to remember children killed through violence in Minneapolis, including her son Laramiun; alt text – Four women are praying with their eyes closed.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes1; 742 KB; jpg; Credit – Brian Mogren; Caption – Filming in S. Minneapolis with Princess (storyteller), Heidi Tungseth (production assistant), and Dawn Mikkelson (Director); alt text – Three women are standing side by side smiling into the camera.

Behind the Scenes2: 429 KB; jpg; Credit – Brian Mogren; Caption – Director Dawn Mikkelson interviews Mary Johnson through closed circuit camera setup, Minneapolis, MN.; alt text – Director Dawn Mikkelson is in a kitchen sitting in front of a small television while wearing headphones.

Behind the Scenes3: 919 KB; jpg; Credit: Miranda Wilson; Caption – Cinematographer Jesse Roesler films in Cambodia.; alt text – A man is kneeling while taking a photo of items on a box spring.


Miranda Wilson Headshot: 106KB; jpg; Credit: Miranda Wilson; Caption – Miranda Wilson; alt text – A woman is smiling into the camera while holding her hands at her waist.

Miranda Wilson Headshot2: 96KB; jpg; Credit: Miranda Wilson; Caption – Miranda Wilson; alt text – A woman in a blue dress is smiling to her right while sitting at a table outside.


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Risking Light Run Time: 86 minutes