Ruby w/car in front of courthouse, long view; 46KB; jpg
Ruby w/car in front of courthouse, close up; 94KB; jpg
Filming; 50KB; jpg
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Film collage; 48KB; jpg
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1954 Ebony Magazine article written by William Bradford Huie about the story of Ruby McCollum.

Excerpts from film interviews.

Discussion/Educational Guide

A discussion/education guide is available.  Please contact the filmmaker directly to obtain a copy and to discuss how it will be used in coordination with the film screening.


  • Social justice groups
  • African American groups including sororieties, bookstores, churches
  • Women’s studies groups
  • College educators
  • Historians
  • Lawyers
  • Journalists

You Belong To Me/Discussion Ideas

  • Female racial inequality in the South in 1952
  • Rape/Consent
  • Racial inequality in the judicial system in 1952
  • Mental health issues
  • Historical preservation of a little-known civil rights story