Agrarian Ancestor; 1MB; jpg; Credit Eriberto Almeida Jr.
Beto Stares at Waterfall; 871KB; jpg
Blue Light in Cave; 2MB; jpg
Child Watering Tree; 2MB; jpg
Filming the Mongoose1; 8MB, jpg
Filming the Mongoose2; 11MB; jpg
Filming the Ocean; 2MB, jpg
Giraffe at Sunset; 1MB; jpg; Credit Eriberto Almeida Jr.
Group Mulching Tree; 2MB; jpg
Looking Down at Sunset; 1MB; png
Malibu Coastline; 1MB; jpg
Sunset Top of the World
; 1MB; png

Liam Neeson Headshot; 109KB, jpg; Credit James Mooney

Filmmaker Headshot; 4MB; jpg; Credit Jeanine Hill
Filmmaker With Ostrich; 6MB; jpg; Credit Eriberto Almeida Jr.

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  • Nature lovers and explorers
  • Students of all ages (except pre-schoolers)
  • Environmentalists
  • Eco-spiritual groups
  • Scouting groups
  • Community centers
  • City planners
  • Government Agencies
  • Architects

Love Thy Nature/Discussion and Promotion Ideas

  • The film explores a revolutionary new science called Biomimicry – defined as the conscious emulation of nature’s genius. Scientists are looking to the natural world for inspiration to create our products, designs, and systems.
  • The children of today are severely deprived of nature – affecting the development of their bodies and brains, negatively impacting their overall well-being. Love Thy Nature is an invitation for children (and adults) to create a relationship to the natural places and beings around them – igniting a sense of connection, play, adventure, discovery, and wonder.
  • Environment and healing
  • Environment as it pertains to holistic and mental health
  • Host a nature hike or nature photo exhibit (perhaps of community submitted photos?)