Antibody; 12MB; tif
Dr. Anthony Fauci Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH; 12MB; tif
Dr. Paul Offit; 13MB; tif
Hilleman Title Frame; 10MB; tif
Influenza virus particle; 12MB; tif
Maurice Hilleman CU; 12MB; tif
Maurice Hilleman Med; 12MB; tif
Maurice Hilleman receiving award; 12MB; tif


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Hilleman Poster; pdf
Hilleman Postcard; pdf
Hilleman Trifold Brochure; pdf
Hilleman Educational Handout; pdf


  • Medical practitioners and students
  • Healthcare workers
  • Parent’s groups

Hilleman/Discussion and Promotion Ideas

  • Vaccine/Anti Vax movement
  • Modern medicine
  • Healthcare issues