Film Stills

Cat Daresha Directors Photo; 22 KB; jpg; Credit – Marghreta Cordero; Caption – Co-directors Daresha Kyi & Catherine Gund; alt text – Black and White photo of two women smiling into the camera. Their heads are touching.

Chavela1; 1 MB; jpeg; Caption – Chavela smoking a puro; alt text – A black and white photo of a woman with thick glasses smoking a cigar.

Chavela2; 348 KB; jpg; Credit – Alicia Elena Perez Duarte; Caption – Alicia (Nina) took this photo “during happier times.”; alt text – An older woman standing outside and smiling in a white shirt.

Chavela3; 546 KB; jpg; Credit – Tlani Ortega; Caption – Chavela was always so relaxed around Tlani Ortega, who grew up with her and considered Chavela her second mother; alt text – A woman in a red button down shirt sits on a chair in front of a wooden red building.

Chavela4; 870 KB; jpg; alt text – Chavela at the height of her early fame during Mexico’s bohemian period in the 1950s; alt text – Woman sitting on the ground in front of a cross playing a guitar and wearing a red poncho.

Chavela5; 269 KB; jpg; Credit – Maj Lindstrom; Caption – Maj met Chavela in Guadalajara and took this iconic photo in the courtyard of a hotel; alt text – Older woman wearing sunglasses with her arms crossed looking up at the sky.

Chavela6; 1 MB; jpg; Caption – Chavela in her signature poncho, guaraches and men’s peasant pants looking oh, so fine! ; alt text – A black and white photograph of a woman smiling, touching her hair, and looking off to the right.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes; 104 KB; jpg; Caption – Directing in Mexico; alt text – Two people sit on a red couch in an old grand house speaking to a group of three people with camera equipment.

DK Directing in Spain; 274 KB; jpg; Credit – Catherine Gund; alt text – Filmmaker Daresha Kyi in Madrid looking at the photographer while standing next to DP Paula Gutierrez who is holding a camera.

Shooting Diana; 477 KB; jpg; Credit – Gabriela Maldonado; Caption – Directors Daresha Kyi and Catherine Gund in Tepoztlan shooting an interview with Chavela’s friend and former drinking buddy, Diana Ortega; alt text – A woman in a cafe speaks to a group of five people with camera equipment.

Tequila for Chavela; 647 KB; jpg; Credit – Gabriela Maldonado; Caption – Almost every single interviewee insisted we take a drink of “La Senora’s” favorite drink, tequila. Here we are with singing legend, Tania Libertad; alt text – A group of four women stand holding tequila shots.


Serious Headshot Daresha Kyi; 68 KB; jpg; Credit – Naylon Mitchell; alt text – Close up of filmmaker Daresha Kyi looking seriously into the camera

Smiling Headshot Daresha Kyi; 88 KB; jpg; Credit – Naylon Mitchell; alt text – Close up of filmmaker Daresha Kyi smiling into the camera



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CHAVELA Run Time: 93 minutes