Film Stills

btcliffagain; 243 KB; jpg; Credit – Jena McShane; Caption – Break the Chain models and survivors of human trafficking hold hands for the the film’s ending shot sequence; alt text – A group of racially, age, and gender diverse people stand holding hands in a warehouse.

FilmShot3; 2 MB; png; Credit – Kirk Mason; Caption – Director/Producer Laura E. Swanson speaking with a self-identified prostitute on the streets of Detroit from within the Alternative’s for Girls’ street outreach van; alt text – A woman is looking into a van, speaking to another woman, but you only see the back of her head.

FilmShot1; 100 KB; jpg; Credit – Laura E. Swanson; Caption – A shot from within the Alternative’s for Girls street outreach van as they scan the streets of Detroit for potential victims of human trafficking; alt text – Shot from the second row of a car. Two women are sitting in the drivers and passengers seat. The shot is slightly out of focus.

FilmShot5; 5 MB; png; Credit – Kirk Mason; Caption – A reflective moment of silence as Break the Chain’s labor trafficking survivor, Kwami, recounts his experience of confronting his trafficker within the Michigan courts; alt text – A man in a red shirt looks down. In the background is an out of focus library.

FilmStill; 5 MB; png; Credit – Laure E. Swanson; Caption – A shot of Break the Chain’s sex trafficking survivor, Debbie, holding a picture of herself taken shortly before she was trafficked throughout the metro Detroit-area at the age of twelve; alt text – A close up of a woman’s hands holding a picture. The woman in the picture is wearing a turtleneck and slightly smiling.

BackPageInterview; 301 KB; jpg; Credit – Kirk Mason; Caption – Director/Producer Laura E. Swanson interviewing an escort from a ad posting – a site notorious for enabling the sex trafficking of minors via online ads; alt text – A blonde woman is holding a phone in her hand with a computer open in front of her.

Behind the Scenes

BehindtheScenes1; 320 KB; jpg; Credit – Caitlin Woudstra; Caption – Director/Producer Laura E. Swanson and Photographer Jena McShane on set with several ‘Break the Chain’ models and survivors; alt text – Two women in all black, one holding a camera stand closest to the camera while further in the background a diverse group of women face them.

BehindtheScenes2; 162 KB; jpg; Credit – Caitlin Woudstra; Caption – Director/Producer Laura E. Swanson interviewing Senator Debbie Stabenow on set. alt text – An older with a blue jacket speaks over a desk to a younger blonde woman.


Laura Swanson Headshot; 141 KB, jpg; Credit – McShane Photography; Caption – Laura E. Swanson, Director/Producer of ‘Break the Chain’; alt text – A young blonde woman looks seriously into the camera.



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Break the Chain Run Time: 64 minutes