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ArtBusiness.com offers several articles on finding an artist agent or website to help publicize your work.

Chicago Artists Resource has a listing of information on agent and gallery realtionships - a great place to start! Check under the Strategies/Guides menu item for the Representation page.

Arts Marketing

helps your organization address its daily marketing needs and longer-term marketing issues.

Arts Reach is the Association of Arts Management, Marketing, and Development Professionals. Their site has multiple marketing resources.

Artist Collectives

Art.net offers some listings of artists collectives. Most collectives have individual websites.

The Open Directory Project has a vast list of visual arts collectives. Keep in mind that this is an open listing and links are not necessarily kept in functioning order.

Artists Colonies

A sampling of Artist Colonies:


You can also check out Yahoo's listing of Artists' Retreats and Colonies for a listing.

Board Information

CompassPoint offers the free electronic Board Cafe Column for members of nonprofit boards.

provides tips, training, and support for making sure your nonprofit board is successful and involved.

Free Management Library offers a comprehensive toolkit for the nonprofit board.

Community Arts

Alliance of Artists Communities

Center for the Study of Art & Community

Cost of Living

If you type "Cost of Living" into any web browser, you will get a multitude of calculators designed to help you figure out what it will cost you - or save you - to move to another area. Try the links below which give a bit more info than the typical calculator.

Bankrate.com not only gives you salary info and home prices, but compares everything from the cost of doctor's visits to a bottle of Ibuprofen.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of State offers a lot of information in a one stop site. If you have the patience to browse, you can look at all kinds of cost of living information in a state by state breakdown.

Event Planning

With regional and local branches, the International Festivals and Events Association, is an invaluable resource for the event and festival planner. Local seminars and conferences on all aspects of planning, from crowd management to sponsorship.


Art in Context offers a listing of exhibitions by geographic region, discipline, time period, etc. with links and references.


Art-Collecting.com offers an extensive listing of galleries across the US broken down by states.


General Artist/Arts Issues

Art Biz Blog is a great resource for marketing, technology and resource tips for artists.

Artist Trust offers an extensive database of information on artist issues including opportunities, employment, promption, safety, etc. Also offers a comprehensive professional development section.

Fractured Atlas provides information on healthcare, fiscal sponsorship, liability insurance, marketing & promotion, and professional development

MusiCares Foundation assists musicians and other professionals in the music industry experiencing personal, medical or financial emergency.


Artists Network has a great outline with tips on grant writing.

The Foundation Center offers a free, online proposal writing short course.

Non-Profit Guides offers an extensive online grant writing resource.


Access to Health Insurance/Resources for Care is a health insurance resource for artists and people in the entertainment industry.

Fractured Atlas gives you a listing a liability insurance options available by discipline and work type.

Healthcare.gov The Affordable Care Act marketplace.

MusiCares Foundation assists musicians and other professionals in the music industry experiencing personal, medical or financial emergency. Also provides information on the Afordable Care Act.

Legal Issues

Creative Commons lets you share your work or search for work to use - legally.

GuideStar Basic is a simple search for users who want to verify a nonprofit's legitimacy, learn whether a contribution will be tax deductible, view a nonprofit's recent Form 990, or find out more about its mission, programs, and finances. Thanks to the generosity of a number of foundations, GuideStar Basic is available at no charge to users.

Harbor Business Compliance has created a Nonprofit Startup Guide to take you through the steps of applying for nonprofit status.

The U.S. Copyright Office
homepage was created to serve the copyright community of creators and users, as well as the general public.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Life Planning

provides information on planning your art estate.

The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation offers a great guide to estate planning for visual artists.

Literature/Poetry Sites

ConferenceAlerts.com offers an international listing of events in the literary fields.

The Poetry Foundation offers a number of programs in support of poets in addition to a comprehensive archive of works, Poetry Magazine, and audio and podcasts.

Poets.org is a program of the Academy of American Poets and features a poetry map, calendar, resources for writers, and a poetry archive.

Poets & Writers
is the nation's largest non profit serving creative writers. The site includes a toolbox for writers, funding support information, and a way to connect with others in the field.

Live/Work Space

www.artisthelpnetwork.com provides a lists of links to live/work resources across the country.

www.artspaceusa.org Arts Space develops properties for artist live/work space. Check out their buildings online.

www.sharpeartfdn.org/freestudiospace.htm Provides free studio space in NYC. Applications available online - juried process.

Craigslist Just about every city has an online craigslist. Simply type craigslist and your city into your browser - once the site pops up, go to the housing section. Some cities even have a live/work section in housing.


Self publishing is an easy way to get your work out to your audience without dealing with excess inventory. A number of services are available online, including:



Mid Atlantic Region Retreats provides a nice listing of retreats across the disciplines.

RetreatFinder allows you to filter by discipline and country.

Safety and Hazardous Materials

The Arts and Creative Materials Institute
provides information on hazards and safety certified working materials.

Arts, Crafts, & Theatre Safety provides safety and hazard information for the arts.

Chicago Artists Resources has a comprehensive listing of articles pertianing to Health and safety in the arts. From the home page choose Healthy and Wellbeing Articles.

Tax Issues

ArtBusiness.com offers tips on income tax, gift and estate tax issues.

offers downloadable checklists and worksheets for artists.

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