Filmmaker Headshots
Meena Singh Headshot; 6MB; jpg; Credit Sophia Cruz
Sophia Kruz Headshot; 8MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh

Production Stills
Panmela Graffiti; 2MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Sanved Rehearsal; 2MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Sister Fa on the Radio; 2MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Mehraj Waves; 2MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Sister Fa Recording Studio; 2MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Anonymous Trafficking Survivor; 2MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Sister Fa Sings Berlin; 1MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Panmela Art; 1MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Sohini Dances; 1MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Anonymous Trafficking Survivor; 1MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Anna Taylor at Workshop; 1MB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Jhulan Dances; 817KB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
J&J Fashion Week; 775KB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh
Judith Sews; 740KB; jpg; Credit Meena Singh

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Social Media

Twitter: and @littlestonesdoc



Little Stones has a very robust resource page including: An educational toolkit, press kit, fliers and posters, postcards, SM language, resource guide, community event materials, and more.


  • Women and girls
  • Women’s right activists
  • Artists and arts therapists
  • Social Justice and human rights activists
  • Dancers and dance movement therapists
  • Girls Scouts and Boys and Girls clubs
  • Domestic violence groups and shelters
  • General audiences

Little Stones/Discussion and Promotion Ideas

  • Discussion on the ability of the arts to heal/promote discussion/speak a common language
  • Do a drive for your local women’s shelter
  • Do a graffiti workshop around women’s issues themes
  • Bring in arts therapists to work with compromised populations
  • Tell stories about successful social justice programs that use the arts
  • Work with a social justice artist in your venue
  • Provide links to programs that support women creating goods for sale