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Current Projects

Alban Darche with John Hollenbeck   

JASS is a new quartet led by American drummer John Hollenbeck and French saxophonist Alban Darche that also features French double bassist Sébastien Boisseau and Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser, who now resides in New York City. The ensemble will create a new body of work composed collaboratively by Darche and Hollenbeck, who both use polyrhythmic textures and processes borrowed from groove and minimalist music. The group will rehearse and perform seven concerts in France, record the new compositions in the United States, and follow with touring stops in Cambridge, MA; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Washington, DC.

Cedric Hanriot with Jason Palmer

Cedric HanriotJason Palmer

French pianist and composer Cedric Hanriot will collaborate with American trumpeter Jason Palmer along with drummer Jonathan Pinson, guitarist Jeff Miles and bassist Michael Janisch in a musical homage to the work of science fiction writer Dan Simmons. Hanriot and Palmer will compose a suite of three movements using seven distinct melodies based on the famed "7 modes of limited transportation" created by influential French composer Olivier Messiaen to translate Simmon’s stories into original and improvisational music.   The project includes the live recording of the new compositions on the Whirlwind Recordings label, and concerts and master classes in France and the United States. 

Darius Jones with Emilie Lesbros

Darius JonesEmilie Lesbros

American saxophonist and composer Darius Jones and French vocalist and composer Emilie Lesbros will create new works inspired by the French actress, novelist, playwright, poet, and avant-garde singer Brigitte Fontaine. Jones and Lesbros will be joined on the project by French bassist Pascal Niggenkemper and Americans Ches Smith (drums) and Matt Mitchell (piano). The resulting eclectic musical works will feature French lyrics dealing with the relationship between African-American and French cultures. The new compositions will be rehearsed and recorded in Brooklyn, NY and performed at venues and festivals in the United States and France.

Jozef Dumoulin with Ellery Eskelin

Jozef DumoulinEllery Eskelin

French keyboardist and composer Jozef Dumoulin will write a new repertoire for a trio that includes American tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin and drummer Dan Weiss.  Using open compositional forms combining written materials, sets of rules, and free improvisation, Dumoulin will work to forge a new sound grounded in the jazz tradition that also takes into account the influences of his American partners, such as electronic and classical Indian music.  The project includes a residency at Triton in Paris, a recording to be released on the French label Bee Jazz, and a series of concerts in France. 

Laurent Coq with Walter Smith III

Laurent CoqWalter Smith          

French pianist Laurent Coq and American saxophonist Walter Smith III will each contribute half the compositions, respectively, for a suite of music that celebrates the early life and achievements of Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch du Gilbert du Métier, better known as the Marquis de Lafayette.  A French aristocrat, Lafayette fought alongside the colonists in the American Revolution and also played a significant role in the following French Revolution.  Coq and Smith III will be joined Americans Joe Sanders on bass and Damion Reid on drums to rehearse and record their compositions as part of the project.

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