DJ graduates from high school; 2MB; png; Credit Tom Gallo
DJ and friend Jen Brooks on college campus; 3MB; png; Credit Tom Gallo
DJ sits with his father, Ralph Savarese; 2MB; png; Credit Robert Rooy
DJ explores downtown Grinnell, IA with his mother, Emily Savarese; 2MB; png; Credit Tom Gallo
Robert Rooy films scene with DJ and friend Jen Brooks; 2MB; png; Credit Tom Gallo
DJ walks through residential neighborhood, Grinnell, IA; 3MB; png; Credit Tom Gallo

Robert Rooy Headshot; 4MB; jpg


DEEJ Trailer

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Youtube: Deej channel


DEEJ Press Kit
DEEJ Informational Digest
DEEJ Poster (pdf)
Deej has audio description for the visually impaired and captions for the hearing impaired.


  • Autistic population
  • Family members of individuals with autism
  • Neurodiversity advocates
  • Educators
  • Poets and filmmakers
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Health advocates
  • General population

DEEJ/Discussion and Promotion Ideas

  • See subjects relating to neurodiversity and inclusion on
  • Education rights and access
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Work with a local community arts organization that support adult artists with autism. Perhaps some of there participants can panel for you.
  • Hold a poetry workshop
  • Hold a college application workshop for people with disabilities